Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time Travel

I was able to talk my way into not only a press pass for the Wolfpack's season opener against USC, but onto the roof of Vaughn Towers to set up my gear for a time lapse. Equipped with my camera, a superclamp and universal ball head, a light stand and some sandbags, an intervalometer, some safety cables and a lot of gaffer's tape, I set up near a corner hoping to be shielded from the breeze a little bit. I was ready to go by 5 or so, shortly before people started filing into the stadium. After setting the controller to take a shot every 15 seconds, I just let it go. I returned after the post-game press conference to grab it. Tyler took the 1300 or so shots and turned them into a 40 second time lapse video of the entire day. Unfortunately the quality of the version posted on News 14 is not very good, but I haven't gotten around to uploading the HUGE full-res version yet.

Not too bad for my first attempt at a time lapse.